The Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Branch


We, at the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Branch, strive to follow the motto displayed in the scroll at the base of the emblem of the PSSA, “Pro Salute et Valetudine Populi” which translated into English means “For the health and welfare of the people”. We also pay homage to where we came from. At our new premises in Westway Park we have a collection of pharmacy artefacts and memorabilia.

Membership Benefits

Services that are offered directly to members only

Interaction with others in similar practice settings

PSSA meetings, symposia and conferences, whether national, sectoral or at branch level, make it possible for members to meet their colleagues and to share their knowledge, experience and frustrations. Hopefully discussing their frustrations leads to understanding of how to manage them!

Human resource issues

Many members make use of our labour law advice service. They are offered a free telephonic consultation with a labour lawyer, who can give a referral to suitable legal representation if necessary.

Profession indemnity insurance and short term insurance

It’s become apparent that healthcare professionals are vulnerable to litigation when patients believe that the professional has made mistakes that have affected them adversely. The PSSA has teamed up with the Professional Provident Society to offer both professional indemnity insurance and short-term insurance that is both cost effective and appropriate to different practice settings. This helps our members because by law they are required to have appropriate professional indemnity insurance, and in everyday life short term insurance to protect our assets has become important.

Continuing profession development

We’re all aware of the importance of staying up-to-date in our practice. The PSSA, its sectors and branches offer CPD evenings, symposia and conferences at which members are informed of current practice and trends. Obviously, it isn’t always convenient for members to attend these events. Fortunately, they can participate in the PSSA webinars, or catch up with them on-line at a convenient time. In partnership with AlphaPharm and Insight Medicine Information, useful distance learning modules are offered at reasonable prices to PSSA members.

Promotion of the profession

PSSA members are aware of the value their healthcare services bring to the public, but it’s always important to make sure that people know about them. In collaboration with the National Department of Health and the South African Pharmacy Council, the PSSA is happy to participate in the preparation of material for Pharmacy Month, which forms part of the national health calendar. In addition, PSSA members can celebrate the annual World Pharmacists Day, which is an initiative of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

Books and reference material

Apart from the legal requirement that pharmacies are required by law to have certain reference material available, the PSSA is able to offer many of these books to its members at preferential rates. We also have a joint venture with LexisNexis. Our publication, the Pharmacy Law Compendium, is offered to PSSA members at a 10% discount.

The Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education

This a bursary system that is administered by the PSSA. Those members who are in a position to contribute financially to the Foundation are urged to make a difference to its important work. The Foundation allocates bursaries to deserving undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students annually. As always, the need exceeds the availability of funds. So if you are able to contribute, it would be deeply appreciated.

Post- nominal initials

Members and Fellows of the PSSA can include the post-nominal letters MPS or FPS, respectively, after their names, to indicate their membership of the society.


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